Annual reception of the Johanniter Order at the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin

Berlin, Germany, 23. February 2017

On 23 February, more than 250 guests from politics, church, public sphere and from the Johanniter family accepted the invitation of the Herrenmeister of the Johanniter Order HRH Dr. Oskar Prince of Prussia and gathered at the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin for the annual reception. The event was opened by welcoming words of the Hungarian Ambassador S.E. Dr. Péter Györkös, the Governing Commander of the Hungarian Enterprise of the Johanniter Order István Tomcsányi de Tomcsány, and the Vice-President of the European Parliament Alexander Graf Lambsdorff. After this welcome, the Herrenmeister addressed the shortage of professional labour force in the care sector and the challenges it brings to the Johanniter. Later he presented the work of Johanniter in the field of immigration, mainly the multifaceted concept of their integration. The significance of the anniversary of the Reformation was as well discussed.

During the reception, the Herrrenmeister and the Chancellor of the Order Alexander Baron v. Korff awarded pastors András Sztojanovics and Fábián Sándor Zán with the Johanniter badge of honour for their important work in a long-lasting service to others in Hungary and Southern Ukraine. The pastors delightedly accepted such a honour.  

From left to right: Alexander Baron v. Korff (Chancellor of the Johanniter Order), István Tomcsányi de Tomcsány (Governing Commander of the Hungarian Enterprise of Johanniter Order), HRH Dr. Oskar Prince of Prussia (Herrenmeister of the Johanniter Order), Zsolt Németh (Chair of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the Hungarian Parliament), S.E. Dr. Péter Györkös (Hungarian Ambassador to Germany)

Pictures by Andreas Schoelzel, Johanniter Germany