JOIN Annual General Meeting 2017

Berlin, Germany, 10. June 2017

From left to right
Front row: Dr Ian Greaves, Dr Andreas Tanos, Dr Sarah Vecchione, Melanija Grundšteina, Dieneke van Haeften, Lenka Christiaens, Ian Mackenzie, Anna Pieta.
Second row: Tom Ogilvie-Graham, Benjamin Kobelt, Stephan Beschle, László Porcsalmy, Davide Laetzsch, Ralph Rocktäschel, Eric von Troil, Johannes Bucher, Christian Velten-Jameson, Thomas Vorwerk, Georg Aumayr, Joachim Berney, Imre Szabján.

All pictures by Dr Robert Brandstetter

A most successful Annual General Meeting was hosted by Johanniter Germany on 09 and 10 June. Attended by twenty-six delegates from St John enterprises across Europe (including Cyprus and Jerusalem), a wide spectrum of topics provided an interesting and varied programme.

The first day began with our Chairman, Ian Mackenzie, outlining the general activities of the network over the past twelve months, followed by comprehensive financial information by our Vice-Chairman, Christian Velten-Jameson.

From left to right: Benjamin Kobelt (Germany), Anna Pieta (Poland), Dieneke van Haeften (Netherlands), Melanija Grundšteina (Latvia), Harm-Bastian Harms (Germany).

This was followed by presentations of the working groups providing more detailed information about their activities which encouraged discussion and clarification on a number of issues. Areas covered included the outcomes of the PR, Marketing & Communication Group (Dr Robert Brandstetter, Johanniter Austria) and called to start a discussion within the JOIN network regarding possible harmonisation of the members’ logos. The Brussels Office spoke about the Youth Group meetings and Volunteer Swap opportunities for 2017. To encourage greater participation in inter-country cooperation in this last area, a JOIN basic first aid standard has been drafted and approved by the Board.

The Head of the Clinical Group (Dr Ian Greaves, St John Ambulance) provided an update on recent areas of discussion. The successful implementation of the Medical Student Exchange programme was highlighted. Finally the Brussels Office showed a wide spectrum of articles published by JOIN members over the year about international cooperation projects.

Joachim Berney (Brussels Office) showing articles published by JOIN members about international cooperation projects.

On the second day, Tom Ogilvie-Graham (CEO of St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem) presented how the St John family supported his enterprise in 2016. Harm-Bastian Harms (Head of unit International Projects & Cooperation, Johanniter Germany) gave an interesting insight into European Emergency response projects and invited the JOIN network to send teams to the next field exercises.

The work of the Brussels office was outlined by Joachim Berney, our General Manager providing detail of its routine activities while emphasising its focus on networking as well as EU funding opportunities.

Lenka Christiaens and Georg Aumayr (Brussels Office) provided information on the ongoing SOCIALCARE project and Georg concluded by identifying potential research topics for JOIN members and indicated ways to involve them in international projects and the drafting of project proposals.

The flag incorporating the countries in JOIN gifted by our resigning Chairman Ian Mackenzie.

Finally, after what was perceived by all delegates to be a successful two-year term of the JOIN Board, the General Assembly thanked the Board and in particular our Chairman Ian Mackenzie. Our resigning Chairman presented a flag incorporating the countries in JOIN as a personal farewell gift. Johannes Bucher from Johanniter Austria was elected as the new Chairman for the next two years. The other Board members elected were Christian Velten-Jameson (Association des Oeuvres de Saint-Jean France), Wolf-Ingo Kunze (Johanniter Germany) and Eric von Troil (Johanniter Finland), while a fifth member from St John Ambulance will be appointed soon.

In his first speech, the new Chairman Johannes Bucher briefly identified the working priorities in the next years. The AGM 2018 will be hosted by our Italian member S.O.G.IT in Lignano in early June.

The newly elected JOIN Board. From left to right: JOIN Chairman Johannes Bucher (Johanniter Austria), Christian Velten-Jameson (Association des Oeuvres de Saint-Jean France), Wolf-Ingo Kunze (Johanniter Germany) and Eric von Troil (Johanniter Finland).