New Johanniter Office in Uganda to assist refugees from South Sudan

Kampala, Uganda, 14. September 2017

All pictures by IRIN

Uganda has become the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa. Up to now, more than one million refugees from South Sudan crossed the borders into Uganda, doubling the refugee population in less than seven months since July 2016. Uganda’s refugee asylum policy and refugee settlement approach is widely regarded as an inspirational model and is cited as an example for the rest of the world with its open policy towards refugees. Bidi-Bidi, a refugee settlement which covers about 250 square kilometers with over 270,000 refugees, is now the world’s biggest refugee camp.

Johanniter International Assistance plans to assist South Sudanese refugees and host communities in the north of Uganda in collaboration with national partner organisations. As a first step, our German JOIN member has to get officially registered to be able to start relief activities. Two pilot projects are to start this year after a first selection of potential partner NGOs, mainly with regards to their regular activities being in line with Johanniter programmatic focus and expertise. These projects will allow both Johanniter and partners to get to know each other and to assess if the collaboration can be maintained for future projects. The first pilot project will probably start in October 2017 in the sector of health, nutrition and/or food security & livelihood. In the beginning of 2018, our German JOIN member aims to have a full-equipped country office in Uganda.