St John Ambulance launches General Election Manifesto

London, England, 19. May 2017



Our English JOIN member just launched its ‘Manifesto’ of calls in advance of the 2017 British election. The Manifesto, which will be sent to the candidates of the main parties, calls on the next government to:   

1. Ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn first aid during their time at school   

2. Protect workplace health and safety after the Brexit   

3. Develop National Health Service commissioning practices that better encourage resilient communities.

The main purpose of the launching of this Manifesto is to identify new champions for first aid who will support St John Ambulance in the next Parliament.

Richard Fernandez, Head of public affairs, says:

"It’s important that our issues don’t get forgotten among the rough and tumble of the campaign. There are strict rules about what charities can and can’t do until 8 June, but we do have the chance to stand up for first aid and talk to like-minded candidates from all parties."

Concerning the need to have first aid champions in the next Parliament he also says:

"Some candidates have already asked to visit their local SJA units and talk to volunteers and we will be providing clear guidelines within the next week about how that can work. During the 2015 election campaign, we made new friends who brought their support to Westminster. If we can do that again, we can hit the ground running when Parliament goes back to work later in June."