St John teaches first aid to prisoners in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, 18. April 2017

All pictures by St John Ambulance Kenya

As part of the Government’s plan for prison reforms and improving prison safety, St John Ambulance Kenya is training prison wardens and prisoners in first aid.

According to St John Ambulance, the initiative started when a report by the Kenya Prison Services indicated that over 1,714 prisoners have died from health emergencies over the past five years. St John Ambulance hopes to reduce the number of deaths by rolling out the training sessions to all prisons in the country.

Henry Kisingu, Senior Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, said: ‘Let us stop labelling prisoners, because human being can change. They have skills which can benefit the society. The training is one of the benefits of prison reforms in the country. This prepares them for reintegration in the society since they get something positive to give back’.

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