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Holidays for groups of elderly people

The project 

Since 1957 Johanniter Nederland organises holidays for groups of elderly people who cannot go on holiday without care or help because they are too old, have health issues or are disabled. 

The holidays take place in specially equipped hotels in the Netherlands and they last one week (from Saturday till Friday). Each group consists of 18-28 ‘guests’ and an equal number of volunteers. 

Because this high rate of volunteers we are able to give a lot of care and attention to the guests. This is of huge value, because many of them are lonely in daily life. Because there are so many helping hands our guests have the opportunity to do and experience things that are not possible for them without this help (go swimming, shopping, sightseeing, visit a museum, experience nature, etc.).


The whole staff consists of volunteers, though some of them are health care professionals in daily life (nurses, medical doctors, physiotherapists). A holiday week means hard working for the volunteers, but they get a lot in return: group spirit, holiday experiences, love and gratitude. 

For an impression of a Johanniter Holiday watch this video:


For the holidays of 2018 we have different places available for volunteers:

5-10 May, Mechelen, the Netherlands: 

Night care (helping the guests if they need help during the night)

2-8 June, Lunteren, the Netherlands: 
Medical doctor (professional)

Physiotherapist (professional)

25-31 August, Lemele, the Netherlands: 
Medical doctor (professional)
Physiotherapist (professional)
Nurse (professional)
General volunteer (helps during the day with different things)

Care volunteer (helps the guests with washing, dressing and other needs)

1-7 September, Lemele the Netherlands:

Nurse (professional)

22-28 September, Lunteren, the Netherlands:

Nurse (professional)


Minimum age: 20 years
Languages: preferably some knowledge of Dutch. English in addition.
Doctor, nurse, physiotherapist: professional qualifications.
Night care, general volunteer, care volunteer: no qualifications or other skills required.


You will stay in the hotel with the guests and the other volunteers.


All meals will be provided.


50% of the travel costs will be covered by the JOIN office.


If you are interested, please contact Albert Star Busmann (

Johanniter Hulpverlening


Founded in 1974

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