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One of the youngest member organisations of JOIN, Joannici Dzielo Pomocy was founded in 2004.


It provides first aid training, medical support at public events and organises youth camps and camps for persons with disabilities. It has more than 600 members who are part of four divisions distributed throughout the country.

Federal First Aid Competition in Cieszyn

The project

Our Polish member Joannici Dzielo Pomocy is organising a national First Aid Competition in 2018. St John volunteers and staff from all the country and abroad are expected in the city of Cieszyn, located in the south-western part of the country.

The Volunteer

The volunteer will have to be part of a team for the First Aid Competition. Please register as a team composed of 6-8 first aiders. 


Cieszyn, Poland 


01-03 June 2018

Possibility to come earlier or stay longer for volunteers who would like to visit the region

Who can apply?

Anyone aged from 6 years old. You simply need a first aider or emergency paramedic background. 

Languages: English, German or Polish

Other important information
Accommodation will be provided, either in hostels or in schools. Food will also be free of charge.


If you are interested, please contact Mr Filip Fluder at filipfluder@gmail.com  

Joannici Dzielo Pomocy


Founded in 2004

1 employee



  • first aid training
  • medical support at public events
  • handicapped camps
  • youth work
  • establishment of a SEG supply unity