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Providing international assistance is one of the statutory tasks of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, and is implemented by the international assistance department at Johanniter headquarters in Berlin. The organisational unit is directly subordinate to the Executive Board of Directors and is subdivided into project departments, support departments (logistics, finances, communication, HR), advisors (public health, medical disaster response measures, disaster response and rehabilitation of people with disabilities) and the management level.

In 2015 there were 444 full-time staff working in Berlin and in the 15 regional and country offices. Whenever possible, Johanniter teams will collaborate with partner and sister organisations. In countries where Johanniter is not represented by an office, local initiatives and organisations play an important role, as they will implement projects on Johanniter’s behalf.

Our new strategy

In 2015, Johanniter International Assistance began to revise and overhaul the strategic approach of its work. This new strategy defines key competencies and intervention stages and gives form to its partnership approach; it will remain valid until 2025. In addition, the new strategy expands the profile of Johanniter International Assistance beyond its core competence of health care. Its activities will in future be geared towards two main goals: Firstly, Johanniter aims to ensure the survival of people following disasters and during ongoing crises. Secondly, it aims to strengthen the resilience of people in high-risk countries. By undertaking projects in the areas of basic healthcare, water supply, sanitation and hygiene, as well as combating malnutrition and ensuring food supply and livelihoods, Johanniter will in future pursue these two main goals.

In the year 2015, Johanniter International Assistance further improved its processes and procedures. In the context of quality management and organisational development, for example, it established a complex set of regulations for the engagement of national employees. These regulations are currently being adapted to each respective project country. Johanniter is increasingly standardising its guidelines on the application and realisation of projects, thus allowing for greater efficiency in its procedures.

Johanniter International Assistance considers itself a "learning organisation". As such, it welcomes external recommendations and demands and implements them in its activities and organisational changes. For example, new accounting software allows us to meet donors' increasing demands pertaining to the administration of funds. Moreover, with the support of its internal audit team, Johanniter was able to identify weaknesses in the procedures of its national offices and then structurally resolve these in a common effort.

Mission Statement of Johanniter International Assistance

As employees of Johanniter International Assistance we are committed to the principles of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe. Our assistance is aimed at all people regardless of their religion, nationality and culture and is not governed by any political interests.

In the course of our international humanitarian work, we pledge ourselves to responsible and cooperative action. We stand up for our decisions and endeavour to fulfil our duties to the best of our abilities. Respect and integrity define the cooperative relationship with our public and private donors, employees and project partners.

We hold different cultures and people in high regard and strive to act primarily in accordance with the needs of those receiving our aid.

It is our goal to enable people to survive in dignity and reduce their vulnerability and that of their communities - throughout humanitarian crisis and immediately after a disaster. To strengthen people´s resilience, we place an emphasis on providing health care, improving water, sanitation and hygiene, combating malnutrition and securing livelihoods.

We set ourselves realistic objectives against which our activities can be measured and we use our resources with foresight. We pay equal attention to the social, economic and environmental consequences of our work.

We are committed to accountability and transparency towards our donors and partners. Decision-making processes and structures are being constantly reviewed and improved. Uniform quality standards and regular audits ensure our professionalism.

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