Our Focus

Improving aid strategically

Setting focal points, defining core competencies, advancing decentralization and relying more heavily on cooperation with local organizations: these are the main features of the new strategy behind Johanniter International Assistance.

Most importantly, the strategy is a reflection of the medical core competency of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe. "Who are we in Germany? That's who we want to be abroad as well," said Birgit Spiewok of Johanniter International Assistance, summing up the strategy's main message. In other words, the Johanniter's efforts abroad must also ensure that people's basic medical needs are met.

A further focus is on disaster relief and prevention, such as the first aid training being offered in Sri Lanka. Additionally, the Johanniter are paying particular attention to improving rehabilitation for persons with disabilities. The strategy's goal is to channel at least 80 percent of total revenue into projects that improve primary health care, rehabilitation for persons with disabilities and disaster relief and prevention by 2012.