Disaster Preparedness

Improving Resilience to Protect People

Johanniter supports rural and urban communities in disaster prevention, to enable people to protect and help themselves in view of natural disasters. This includes the establishment and/or reinforcement of the national disaster prevention scheme, infrastructure creation, and first aid instruction for the local population. Such measures help lessen the consequences of disasters and will result in more positive long-term prospects.

Resilience is a very important aspect in this effort. It refers to the ability of people to endure hardship and challenging situations. In the context of international assistance, Johanniter defines resilience as the ability of an individual, a community or a nation to overcome crises, to adapt to new circumstances, and to recover faster without risks to their survival and livelihood in the medium term. These crises might include violent conflicts or extreme natural events. Moreover, structural poverty makes many people particularly vulnerable.

Johanniter's resilience initiative aims to provide targeted support to people in poverty-stricken and crisis regions. To this end, Johanniter seeks to involve all the relevant actors in the respective region. We work in close cooperation with national organisations, with official authorities and with rural communities, since these groups are best informed about the situation on the ground. At the same time, Johanniter can help to strengthen and develop local structures.
The prevailing goal of Johanniter International Assistance is to strengthen the resilience of affected people. This is achieved by the improvement of healthcare and nutrition and also by improving access to clean drinking water.

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