Disaster Relief

Surviving in Dignity and Safety

The global need for humanitarian aid has increased dramatically in recent years. Worldwide, 83 million people arecontinousy dependent on humanitarian aid for their survival.

Causes include the numerous ongoing armed conflicts in places like Syria, South Sudan, or Afghanistan, the massive increase in the number of civilian victims due to human rights violations in such conflicts, and the effects of climate change. All these factors have led to a continual rise in the number of refugees and internally displaced people. Periods of exile and displacement are getting longer – on worldwide average, it takes 17 years before people are able to return to their homelands. 80 percent of humanitarian aid is currently devoted to providing assistance in long-standing crises. In response, Johanniter has significantly expanded its relief efforts for affected people.

The overriding goal of Johanniter International Assistance is to enable affected people to live in dignity and safety. To this end, Johanniter provides targeted assistance to people in emergency situations or to those who face the risk of finding themselves in acute danger or hardship. We especially aim to facilitate the social and economic integration of refugees and internally displaced people by providing access to health care, education and work.

In addition, we provide emergency relief following natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, or tsunamis. Our voluntary teams include medical and non-medical specialists. They treat injured persons and facilitate the distribution of relief goods such as food, blankets or hygiene kits.

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