Hallo – Moien – Hello – Bonjour!
Let us introduce ourselves

Who are we?

The Johanniter-Hëllefsgemeinschaft Lëtzebuerg (JHG Luxembourg) was founded in 2017 as a charitable (non-profit) organisation under Luxembourgish law with seat in Luxembourg-City.

The JHG Luxembourg is, like all other service organisations of the Order of St. John, an integral part of the “St. John family”. JHGs are active locally and their purpose is to provide help and support people in need, e.g. by looking after them, providing mental support, helping out financially, and facilitating the integration of those who are and feel left behind.

Globally, there are more than 90 JHGs, most of them in Germany and in Europe, with more than 6.000 members.

St. John’s Ambulance Service is another member of the “St. John’s family”: It has more than 20.000 employees in Germany alone, 36.000 volunteers and 1.3 million supporting members. It is hence one of Europe’s biggest aid organisations.

Ihr Ansprechpartner Dr. Friedrich Nell

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