Prevent Corruption

To prevent corruption and fraud in any form Johanniter has established control mechanisms and included these into several guidelines. Corruption is a global problem with far-reaching consequences for worldwide development. Due to its hidden nature, it is very difficult to measure the exact degree of the damage that is every year caused by corruption. The humanitarian aid sector is particularly affected by corruption, as it is overwhelmingly active in countries where – according to Tranparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index – there is a continuously high perception of corruption. Johanniter International Assistance prohibits any form of corruption within its organisational activities and strives to make a contribution to fighting and preventing corruption in the field of humanitarian and development aid. Therefore, our Policy against Corruption, Fraud and Conflict of Interest is mandatory for all Johanniter employees and volunteers.

Johanniter has established control mechanisms for project partners as well. Our Financial Guidelines for Project Partner provide description of tools to prevent corruption, or Procurement Guidelines for Project Partners define clearly tender procedures according to the value of goods or services to be procured. The obligation to adhere to these rules is an integral part of every project contract with a project partner.

In cases of well-founded suspicions of corruption, fraud or a conflict of interest as defined in this policy, business and project partners, participants or beneficiaries of programmes or any other person can contact Johanniter- Unfall-Hilfe e.V. in Germany under the confidential email address:

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