Food Security and Income Generation

Johanniter support that all people at all times have physical, social and economic access to a safe, secure and adequate diet which meets their dietary needs to be able to live a healthy life and have the ability to earn a necessary income.

With the goal to enhance resilience of vulnerable people before, during and after disasters and crises, Johanniter will have established, by 2025, sustainable, integrated programmes to reach income and food security in the project areas. Johanniter will thus support the availability of sufficient and adequate food as well as improved access to markets and pastures/arable land for independent food production or alternative income opportunities.


Projects also facilitate the healthy and appropriate use of food through adequate storage and hygiene practices, clean water, sanitation and health care activities. As sustainable food production and access to food is directly related to the protection of natural resources such as soil, water and forests Johanniter will address these topics with awareness raising campaigns, trainings and didactic materials. In the aftermath of disasters and during crises, vulnerable people will quickly be supported by cash transfer programmes and/or distributions of non-food items (NFI).

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