Promoting Health and Treatening Illnesses

Good health is a fundamental right for all. In accordance with its new strategy, Johanniter International Assistance aims to promote good health and treat disease.

The primary goal is to continually increase the resilience of health care systems in crisis regions by 2025 – in order to ensure access to quality and needs-based health care for the affected populations. To this end, Johanniter will improve the infrastructure of primary health care systems and train medical personnel. Following disasters, Johanniter will help to ensure immediate survival by dispatching internationally certified emergency medical teams.

Besides treating patients, prevention is essential to inhibit the prevalence of disease. For this reason, each new Johanniter health project now includes preventive components. Preventive measures such as health and hygiene promotion as well as mother and child preventive healthcare form the core of our work, with the aim of reducing morbidity and mortality rates in the short, medium and long term. These include the promotion of regular hand washing or information on the best possible diet for infants and young children to ensure a good start in life. An adequate supply of drinking water and food, as well as functioning waste water and waste disposal systems, are also important for good health. Johanniter therefore integrate these aspects into its health projects.

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