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Address Johanniterhjælpen: Store Kongensgade 83, 1264 Copenhagen
Contact Frederik Siemssen, Chairman
Date & Place of Foundation 2013 Johanniterhjælpen was founded by the Danish Order of St John (Johanniterorden) as a forum for the order's humanitarian/ charitable work.



  • voluntary work


financial support of social projects:

  •  "Morgencafé for Hjemløse" in Copenhagen aims reduce homelessness and improve living conditions for socially vulnerable people. The project provedes a "health room", where a number of volunteer doctors and nurses assess peoples situations, recommend further treatment and follow up on the ongoing treatment course.
  • Saint Petri's parish council's children's help for Bulgaria which enables disadvantaged children to do to school, often reaching beyond primary school.

Read the Internal orientation document of Johanniterhjælpen Denmark from 2019 here.