Johanniter Nederland

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Address Lange Voorhout 48 NL 2514 EG The Hague
Phone +31 70 3649920
Fax +31 70 3561137
Contact Katinka Kersting
Date & Place of Foundation 18th December 1974 at The Hague as: Stichting Werken der Johanniter Orde (etc.) renamed March 1, 2001 to: Stichting Johanniter Hulpverlening
Legal Status Non profit foundation (Dutch: Stichting)


  • Volunteer Groups in hospitals, nursing homes, homes for handicapped, shelters for homeless, day care centres, private homes,etc.
  • Individual accompanied holidays for handicapped persons
  • Holiday weeks for groups of handicapped elderly people
  • Holiday weekends for small groups of handicapped young people
  • Volunteer training
  • Active participation in national volunteers organisation and travel for handicapped people



  • 4.380 volunteers
  • Five holiday weeks: 120 guests to holiday weeks
  • 707.300 hours of volunteering per year
  • 60-80.000 people reached per year




  • 7 employees


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