First Emergency Practitioners at Akkon University

Germany, 15. January 2013

On 15 January, the first successful graduates from the Akkon University of Human Sciences were handed their certificates and can now call themselves “emergency practitioners”.

Depending on the selected emphasis, the Bachelor course Emergency Practitioner qualifies students to become managers in civil protection or in emergency education. So far, the graduates have received very positive feedback from the labour market. The graduation ceremony featured speeches amongst others by Johanniter president Hans-Peter von Kirchbach, Akkon president Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilms and Akkon chancellor Dagmar Müller.

The Akkon University of Human Sciences was founded by the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe. Its aim is to increase staff retention, provide an incentive for Johanniter employees and satisfy its demand for qualified personnel. The non-profit entity is 100% owned by Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe and was officially recognised as a public university in 2009.

The courses offered include several Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programmes: Emergency Practitioner (management course for paramedics), Health and Care Management (management course for care students) and International Emergency and Disaster Management (designed for ongoing students without an apprenticeship). While courses are generally conducted in German, the International Disaster Management course features particular modules in English.

Picture by Akkon college