Johanniter awarded DZI donation seal again

Germany, 09. January 2013

Many Germans regard donating money as something usual and natural – not only at Christmas time. But, does the money really go where it is supposed to? And do charities handle the money in a responsible way? In Germany, the German Central Institute for Social Affairs (DZI) provides increased certainty to donors with the donation seal – a quality label for reliable and serious charities.

“We are happy and also a little proud to receive the DZI donation seal for the eighth consecutive year. This demonstrates that we handle the money that donors entrust us with reliably” says Joachim Gengenbach, Board member of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe. Criteria for the donation seal are amongst others an appropriate proportion of advertising and administration costs as part of total spending. According to the DZI, fund-raising and financial assets are comprehensibly documented.

For years, the DZI is regarded as the German control board for donations and awards its renowned seal to charities for a year. These have to agree to an external check of their finances and advertising and also need to commit to satisfying particular criteria: they are efficient, work transparently and economically, inform objectively and authentically and have effective control and supervisory structures. This way, they guarantee that the donations they receive fulfill the charitable aim. Currently, around 260 organisations in Germany carry the DZI donation seal.