Swiss Johanniter send hospital beds to Poland

Brussels, 01. January 2013

In November 2012, JOIN facilitated a further transport of hospital material from Switzerland, where it would have been disposed of, to the Polish JOIN member Joannici Dzieło Pomocy. In total, the Swiss Johanniter relief organisation retrieved 42 hospital beds and matresses that had been sorted out and sent them to Poland on a large truck. In the past years, the Swiss Johanniter relief organisation, also a JOIN member, had organized various other shipments of usable equipment to the Hungarian JOIN member.

When hospitals or schools are renovated, old furniture is replaced. But, what happens to beds or chairs that are still intact, but have been sorted out, but are still fully intact?
For this purpose, the Swiss Johanniter created a specific section dedicated to shipping well-preserved equipment abroad for charitable ends. They provide useful material to homes for the elderly, hospitals, homes for disabled persons, schools and church communities, while a great part of the material goes to Christian institutions in Eastern Europe.

In particular, many volunteers help in providing the goods and loading them onto trucks, for instance. The transport costs are usually paid for by the receiving institutions, but are sometimes also covered by the Swiss Johanniter’s relief organisation or through private donations.

The Swiss Johanniter are planning further transports in spring 2013, particularly with the German Johanniterorder as well as with Johanniterhjälpen i  Finland, the Finnish JOIN member.

The Swiss Johanniter relief organisation organised a transport of 42 hospital beds and matresses.
The Polish JOIN member Joannici sent a truck to collect the still usable hospital beds.

Pictures by Daniel Hug