JOIN participates in the panel discussion of an AAL Forum

Vienna, Austria, 17. December 2015

Georg Aumayr adressing the public

Picture by Johanniter International

On 17 December, JOIN Research Officer Georg Aumayr was invited to take the floor at a Forum in Vienna. The event called “Smart Homes – Smart Services” presented projects and funding opportunities aiming to improve the quality of life for the elderly. The organiser was the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Research Funding Organisation FFG.

Georg Aumayr participated in a panel discussion dedicated to the EU funded “Active and Assisted Living (AAL)” programme and the Austrian AAL programme. JOIN is currently part of the SOCIALCARE project funded by the AAL programme. In his intervention, Georg Aumayr stressed the importance of developing market-oriented products to fit the needs of the elderly. Furthermore, he expressed his preference for AAL funded projects that foster the continuous contact as well as the dissemination of outcomes to the end-users, such as local care organisations. According to him, the quality of the work performed by the volunteers and professionals can also be improved in Austria thanks to new products developed through AAL funding. Finally, Georg Aumayr suggested that non-profit organisations should consider new working fields in order to develop themselves and be aware of and active for their needs to be addressed proper in research projects.

Many JOIN members are involved in the care of the elderly. In this regard, the AAL Programme is a major opportunity at European level. All JOIN members are welcome to contact the JOIN Office to get more information and to benefit from its expertise.

Follow this link to get more information on the AAL programme. 


Picture by Johanniter International