First Responder project of Johanniterhjälpen is expanding in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden, 30. November 2016

Some volunteers of Johanniterhjälpen Sweden

All pictures by Johanniterhjälpen Sweden

For the fourth consecutive year, Johanniterhjälpen Sweden provided assistance at the annual Lidingöloppet cross-country race with 20 volunteers. As envisaged in the First Responder project, each volunteer was equipped with a defibrillator. While the primary task was to provide first aid along the 30 km track, the volunteers also assisted many of the 40,000 runners with other matters.

Since its inception, Johanniterhjälpen’s First Responder project has grown considerably. Up to now it remained mostly limited to Stockholm County. This is finally about to change as Västra Götaland County is currently initiating a similar project enabling our Swedish JOIN member to grow the initiative in the region of Gothenburg as well.

The benefits of the First Responder project in saving lives were recently illustrated when a volunteer was alerted to an emergency by a telephone text message and arrived before the ambulance. After three rounds of defibrillator assisted CPR the paramedics appeared, took over and later informed that the patient had regained pulse and breathing. 

Follow this link (in Swedish) to get more information about the work of Johanniterhjälpen Sweden.