JOIN members at the St John’s Day in London

London, England, 18. June 2016

St Paul's Cathedral

Picture by The Most Venerable Order of St John

On 18 June, fourteen hundred members, volunteers and staff of the Most Venerable of St John as well as twenty representatives of the other Orders of St John gathered in London to celebrate the St John's Day 2016. JOIN Chairman Ian Mackenzie and the JOIN Office were also present. The St John’s Day provides an opportunity for the whole family of St John to join together to rededicate its service, to celebrate the work of our volunteers and staff and to commemorate those who have gone before us.

The day started with the publication of the Priory's report and accounts 2015. In the afternoon, the focus moved to St Paul’s Cathedral for the service of commemoration and rededication. During the service, the banners of two former Lord Prior's of the Order, Lieutenant Colonel Eric Barry and Professor Anthony Mellows, were formally laid-up.



The Act of Commemoration in St Paul's Cathedral

Picture by The Most Venerable Order of St John

The “Isle of Sheppey” St John Ambulance’s band, which was celebrating its 70th anniversary, performed this year the traditional musical finale.

On invitation of the JOIN Chairman Ian Mackenzie, a member of the JOIN office could attend the service and has been introduced to the St John community. As extraordinary the service was, as extraordinary the band of the Isle of Sheppey played. As president of the four bands of St John, our JOIN Chairman was a Master of Ceremony and kept order in the crowd so that the band could play for the joy of a public audience.



JOIN Chairman Ian Mackenzie

Picture by Johanniter International

After the service, His Royal Highness The Grand Prior and the Lord Mayor met with cadets who were performing first aid demonstrations for the public.

His Royal Highness The Grand Prior meeting with cadets performing first aid demonstrations.

Picture by The Most Venerable Order of St John