My Active and Healthy Ageing meeting in Turin

Turin, Italy, 14. June 2016

Pictures by Georg Aumayr

From 13 to 14 June, Georg Aumayr from Johanniter Austria and the JOIN Office participated in a “My Active and Healthy Aging” (my-AHA) project meeting held in Torino. My AHA is funded by the Horizon2020 European programme. Johanniter Austria is one of the project partner been involved since day one. Its main role is to share the projects results amongst European countries and to support trials in frailty prevention interventions.  It coordinates recruitment process in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and Sweden and other test sites are in Italy and Spain. Furthermore, our Austrian JOIN member wishes to secure the interests of the patients, as well as the ethical aspect.

The project aims to provide a new, holistic approach to intervene against frailty from an early stage and keep up the quality of life longer. To do so, the project addresses three pillars: cognitive aspects, social aspects and physical aspects. 

After two days of concentrated discussions, the next 6 months were defined and the frameset for further developments was clarified. First results, such as the requirements analysis, risk factor analysis and first wireframes for developments were presented. 

The project meeting was not only centered around work, it also involved social activities to enhance social interactions amongst participants. As the project is ultimately about people and the quality of life, which better way to celebrate this than in having a traditional Italian dinner with friends?

My-AHA has already been presented at several conferences in Europe and has already reached more than 490,000 people across Europe. If you want to become involved in one of the participating countries, please get in touch with the project team by sending an email