Federal First Aid Competition in Koblenz brings together hundreds of first aid enthusiasts

Koblenz, Germany, 24. September 2017

Picture by Johanniter Germany

It already became a tradition that every second year Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Germany organises a Federal First Aid Competition. This year the competition took place in Koblenz from 22 till 24 September. Nearly 400 persons between the age of six and 60 years participated in 41 teams, including 3 teams from Polish JOIN member Joannici Dzieło Pomocy. However, not only rescuers came to Koblenz, but also around 1,800 people gathered there to support them and to cheer their teams.

Team from Polish JOIN member Joannici Dzieło Pomocy

Picture by Joannici Dzielo Pomocy

Participants had to cope with a variety of tasks, such as traffic accidents, fire and fall injuries, cuts and cardiovascular accidents, with a level of difficulty assigned according to the age and the level of their skills. It was hard to believe that all the causalities were only stage managed. 80 referees had been judging the performances of the rescue teams based on how quickly and correctly they assessed the situation and initiated the necessary first aid or emergency rescue measures. In practice, these were actions such as to stabilise causalities, to stop bleeding, to perform CPR or to bring causalities safely from a rescue boat back to the shore. Their theoretical knowledge was also proofed.

Picture by Tobias Grosser

Dr Arnold von Rümker, President of Johanniter Germany, was present. He noted that “the Federal First Aid Competition of Johanniter is every time an impressive event. So many Johanniter members came to Koblenz from all corners of the country to proof their life-saving skills. These people radiate energy and joy all around them!”

Roger Lewentz from the Ministry of Interior of the Land of Rheinland-Palatinate was also impressed by the level of engagement of volunteer rescuers and paramedics. “I am glad to see so many people here who are engaged for the common good of the society and actively contributing to it.”

Picture by Johanniter Germany

Johanniter International would like to send its congratulations to the winning teams, but also to all those who participated! And here are the ultimate winners:

Category C (6-12 years): Johanniter regional association Dresden
Category B (12-19): Johanniter regional association Essen, local association Kettwig
Category A (16+ paramedics): Regional Association Essen, local association Kettwig
Category S (professionals): Johanniter regional association Schleswig-Holstein South-East

Picture by Tobias Grosser

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Germany is one of the most important providers in the field of rescue services in Germany; their teams had to interfere more than 610,000 times last year, and they trained around 425,000 people nationwide in how to provide first aid in emergency situations.