Five JOIN members at the summer camp 2017 in Talu

Talu, Estonia, 29. July 2017

All pictures by Johanniter Finland

This year, the Johanniter Fondation in Estonia organised the 7th annual summer camp for mentally and physically disabled Estonian youth in Talu. The camp, which is a cooperation project between various St John enterprises, welcomed 24 young volunteers from Estonia, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Canada. They worked together to offer to the camp participants a week filled with joy and fun activities, such as horseback riding, water aerobics and swimming, dancing, hiking, games and handicrafts, as well as a daytrip to a local adventure park. The camp’s programme also included sauna evenings and a disco evening during the last night!

The next summer camp in Talu will be organised on 21-28 of July 2018. Participating in the camp is not only a chance to be involved in a project bringing lots of happiness many people; it is also a great opportunity to make friends with young volunteers from abroad. Following the end of the summer camp, the volunteers are traditionally invited to a barbeque evening at Saint Michael’s church in Tallinn and spend one last night together in the capital of Estonia.