Johanniter International Assistance continues health facilities and support for Internally Displaced Persons in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan, 18. December 2017

In the Khost province, our German JOIN member received funding from the German Federal Foreign Office to continue the assistance of returnees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who currently live in the Gulan Camp at the border with Pakistan. 

Jens Schwalb (Johanniter International Assistance) in Afghanistan

Photo by Johanniter International Assistance

The work in the already established health centre will carry on in collaboration with the partner organisation ACTD, providing several services such as antenatal care (ANC), postnatal care (PNC) and vaccinations. An in-patient ward is open 24/7 and midwives are ready to assist in deliveries. The project also includes psycho-social support and nutrition measures, as malnourishment is a big problem in the region. In contrast to previous projects, mobile clinics are now run in the surrounding area which benefit the nomadic population named Kuchis. The Kuchis are particularly disadvantaged without access to education or health facilities, due to droughts, conflicts and landmines.

Additionally, a new project has been launched in Kabul in the beginning of October. Kabul is surrounded by dozens of informal settlements. According to estimates, they host about 65,000 people, mainly IDPs who came from different parts of the country in search of safety and better living conditions. There is a complete lack of facilities in those Kabul Informal Settlements (KIS) in basically all sectors. Therefore, clean water, waste management, shelter, education and health are all challenges. The project, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, includes two static as well as three mobile health facilities. While they are open and accessible to all, mother- and child–health is a particular focus. Immunisation, ANC/PNC, as well as family planning and midwives for deliveries are available. A community based health care system will help to increase awareness in relation to hygiene, health related issues and nutrition.

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