JOIN Board meeting at St John Ambulance’s Headquarters

London, England, 02. November 2017

On 2 November, the JOIN Board came together at St John Ambulance’s Headquarter for a regular Board meeting. Participants were JOIN Chairman Johannes Bucher (Johanniter Austria), JOIN Vice-Chairman Christian Velten-Jameson (Association des Œuvres de Saint-Jean), Eric von Troil (Johanniter Finland) and Mark Broughton (St John Ambulance). 

Following discussions held at the AGM in June, the meeting had as a main focus the promotion of the Volunteer Swap and the Medical Students Exchange. Ahmed Al-Jabir, the very first participant in the programme, came to share with the Board his experience in Jerusalem and Germany. Ann Cable, Trustee and Chief Volunteer of St John Ambulance, was also present. 

From left to right: Leonard Fried (JOIN Office), Mark Broughton (St John Ambulance), JOIN Chairman Johannes Bucher (Johanniter Austria), Georg Aumayr (JOIN Office), JOIN Vice-Chairman Christian Velten-Jameson (Association des Œuvres de Saint-Jean), Eric von Troil (Johanniter Finland)

All pictures by Johanniter International  

After deliberation, the Board decided to provide a first funding envelope for both programmes. Concretely, the JOIN Office will cover 50% of the travel costs of the participants, with a maximal amount of 250 EUR per person and per activity. A letter with detailed information will be distributed to all JOIN members before the end of the year.

Furthermore, the JOIN Office gave feedback on its recent work and on the activities of the other working groups. Regarding European funded projects, detailed information were provided on the ongoing SOCIALCARE project, which is coming to an end in December. The JOIN Office also gave an update on two project proposals: ‘COGNAC’, aiming to encourage elderly people to digitally travel and experience familiar places they can no longer visit physically, and ‘DICE’, aiming to promote the stay of elderly people at home in the best living conditions possible. A decision was made by the European Commission not to fund these two project proposals. Consequently, the JOIN Office will seek alternative sources of funding in the coming year.