Volunteer Swap at a skiing resort in Carinthia

Patergassen, Austria, 16. February 2017

Daniel Bacher, a professional emergency rescuer from Johanniter Austria and Diana Völker, a volunteer emergency rescuer from Johanniter Germany

All pictures by Johanniter Austria

Diana Völker, a volunteer emergency rescuer from Johanniter Germany in Munich, came to assist the Emergency and Medical Transport Service of Johanniter Austria at the skiing resort in Patergassen (Carinthia region). This was organised under the well-established JOIN Volunteer Swap Programme. 

Diana Völker at a Johanniter-Ski-doo in Patergassen

Diana will remember her time with the Johanniter colleagues from Patergassen as a very labour-intensive but very pleasant experience. “We had a lot of fun and at the same time we learnt a great deal from each other”, said Diana about her work with colleagues from Johanniter Austria. With her engagement, she helped to ensure the security of skier at the resort.  She was especially impressed by the operations at the Turracher Höhe – one of the slopes of the Patergassen skiing resort, and by long drives through tiny and curvy paths in the dreamlike snowy winter landscape.  

“There is an amazing Johanniter team in Carinthia and I am already looking forward to the next volunteer swap. I would recommend such an exchange to everybody”, Diana concluded. 

For more information about the JOIN Volunteer Swap Project click here.