European Commissioner Christos Stylianides meets Johanniter Germany’s President in Berlin

Berlin, Germany, 26. June 2018

On 26 June, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management Christos Stylianides visited the headquarters of Johanniter Germany in Berlin. He was welcomed by Dr Frank-Jürgen Weise, President of our German JOIN member, and Hubertus von Puttkamer, Federal Board member. The meeting was arranged by the JOIN Office in Brussels.

Dr Frank-Jürgen Weise (on the left) and EU Commissioner Christos Stylianides (on the right).

All pictures by Johanniter International

Following a presentation of the activities of Johanniter International Assistance, EU Commissioner Stylianides said that he was deeply impressed by the well-organised work based on a volunteering system. He thought that this approach could serve as a model for other countries. The discussion also focused on the strengthening of the collaboration between the EU Commission and the Johanniter in the field of civil protection, providing that our German JOIN member is leading European emergency response exercises. Additionally, EU Commissioner Stylianides will get in contact with the General Secretary of the United Nations, António Guterrez, to inform him about the Johanniter Campaign #Nichtvergesser.


Front row (from left to right): Hubertus von Puttkamer (Federal Board member of Johanniter Germany), Oliver Rodewald (Acting Director of Johanniter International Assistance), Herbert v. Bose (Representative of the Johanniter Order for International Affairs), EU Commissioner Christos Stylianides, Dr Frank-Jürgen Weise.