German and Hungarian volunteers helped St John at the Parades in Northern Ireland

Banbridge, Northern Ireland, 14. July 2018

All pictures by Johannita Segitö Szolgalat

From 10 to 14 July, numerous parades took place all over Northern Ireland through villages, towns and cities. The parades marked the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, when William III - the Dutch-born Protestant better known as William of Orange - defeated the Catholic King James II in July 1690. As happens every year, the parades are a celebration of Protestant religion, heritage and culture. 

St John Ambulance in Northern Ireland participated in the first aid service provided to the marchers and the spectators. They hosted 2 Hungarian volunteers from Johannita Segítő Szolgálat and 1 volunteer from Johanniter Germany. You will find below a short description from this experience as reported by Gunter Schmidt, volunteer for Johanniter Germany.

Volunteers of St John Ambulance Northern Ireland and (with white shirts) volunteers from Johanniter Germany and Johannita Segitö Szolgálat Hungary.

“It was a very nice trip to Northern Ireland. We participated in several medical services such as Bonfire in Banbridge, the Belfast parade on the 12 July and the Banbridge parade on the 13 July.

My hosting family and the other members of St John gave us a very warm welcome and made my visit one of the best trips I have ever done. We talked a lot and shared our experiences regarding our medical services and both sides will benefit from that. 

Our host Elizabeth Hudson and her son where the best hosts I could have wished. Time flew, and at the end of the visit they also showed us their very nice country and spent with us some wonderful time on the coast line.

I will definitely go back and we will stay in touch”.



Mr Christopher Murdock, Chairman of the St John Ambulance Northern Ireland Board of Trustees, came to meet the German and Hungarian visitors.