Johanniter Austria and Germany compile Christmas packages for people in need

Austria and Germany, 06. December 2018

Our Austrian and German members are engaging in the collection and distribution of aid packages for people in need in South-Eastern Europe.

The action “Johanniter-Christmas-Trucker” started in Bavaria 25 years ago and has since then expanded throughout Germany and also to Austria. This year Northern Germany is participating for the first time as well. Members of Johanniter of all regions collect aid packages, which will be brought to people in need in South-Eastern Europe between Christmas and New Year's Eve. More than one hundred professionals and volunteers are helping with the packing and delivery.

In six truck convoys, volunteers and helpers of Johanniter Germany bring the donated aid packages to Albania, Bosnia, northern and central Romania, Ukraine and for the first time to Bulgaria. On site, the packages are distributed to the recipients with the support of project partners such as parishes or schools. Beneficiaries include disadvantaged families, orphans, the elderly or people with disabilities. In 2017, our German member brought more than 58,000 packages to the destination countries.

Pictures by Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Germany

"The packages help people in the harsh winter months and send a sign of solidarity. This action shows that many things that we take for granted are still very valuable for other people in Europe” - Cordula Dorry, Coordinator of Christmas Trucker at Johanniter Hamburg

In Austria 50 helpers, volunteers and their families came together on 28 November to pack 300 packages worth € 8.100 on total.

“For this being the first year of the action in Austria, the current number of packages is an impressive achievement and shows a lot of potential for the future," - Johannes Bucher, Chairman of Johanniter Austria and of Johanniter International (JOIN)

The Christmas action is continuing until the end of December and will send many more packages and a spark of hope to people in need in South-Eastern Europe.

Pictures by Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Austria