Johanniter Germany participates in youth exchange in France

Neuvy-en-Mauges, France, 15. January 2018

Youth Education Officer Marie-Luisa Klein from Johanniter Germany recently participated in a youth exchange in the French village of Neuvy-en-Mauges to meet partner organisations from France, Germany and Poland. The goal of this meeting was to get to know each other and to identify steps for common projects. 

All pictures by Marie-Luisa Klein (Johanniter Germany)

The three participating organisations were the Social Centre in Chemillé (France), the Youth Education Centre Blossin (Germany) and the Maximillian Kolbe House in Danzig (Poland). The trio aims to organize and facilitate intercultural youth exchanges in their projects and with other partner organisations. For this purpose, experienced youth workers were present to talk about planning, financing and organising youth programmes. 

Participants could also ask advise from the German-Polish Youth Office and the Franco-German Youth Office on how to work with bi- and tri-national youth groups. Various ideas for common projects were discussed, among them discovery trips to other countries and events for small children. The meeting takes place annually with changing participants and aims to foster intercultural exchange and understanding between the three countries.