Johanniter Nederland invites volunteers to theater performance about Voluntary Work

Hilversum, The Netherlands, 29. October 2018

Picture by Johanniter Nederland

On 30 September more than four hundred volunteers were guests at the Gooiland Theater. Johanniter Nederland invited its volunteers and those of a few other organisations to the "Quality of Life & Giving" performance. This performance was created by the theater group "The Power of Experience", at the request of Johanniter Nederland. It addressed questions such as: What has changed in recent years? What do you run into as a volunteer? Which solutions can you come up with for this?

During this performance, the audience did not lean back and listen but took an active role in the interactive play.

Scenes and songs were improvised on the spot based on suggestions and ideas from the audience to illustrate the storyline. This concept led to beautiful spontaneous insights, touching stories and a lot of recognition.

The performance ended with a dazzling performance by Karin Bloemen. She gave a musical ode to volunteer work, with a song specially written by her to thank the volunteers of Johanniter Nederland for all their efforts.

In addition to the theater performances, the afternoon was filled with a lot of social interaction. Before the play, during the break and afterwards, guests were provided with drinks and snacks. The performance invited to share experiences about volunteering and initiated lively conversations between the attendees.

The event reached exactly what our Dutch JOIN member was aiming for: connecting people and making them a little wiser in an accessible way.