JOIN Clinical group agrees on common First Aid standards

Lignano, Italy, 08. June 2018

From 6 to 8 June, the JOIN Clinical working group came together in Lignano, Italy, just before the AGM 2018. The meeting included participation of eleven delegates from Austria, Cyprus, England, Hungary, Italy and the JOIN Office. Moreover, medical doctors from Germany and Jerusalem joined us online.

From left to right:
Dr Sarah Vecchione (Italy), Dr Davide Laetzsch (Italy), Imre Szabján (Hungary), Joachim Berney (JOIN Office), Dr Ian Greaves (England), Dr Rainer Thell (Austria), Dr Paul Hunt (England), Dr Andreas Tanos (Cyprus), Richard Webber (England), Alexandra Vetter (JOIN Office).

All pictures by Johanniter International

The aim of the meeting was to explore the possibility of drafting a common European-wide First Aid Manual. After three days of intensive work with discussions on each topic related to first aid, St John medical doctors agreed on the structure (chapters and headings) and the basic content of the future manual. It would take the form of an open e-resource with possibility to be downloaded, translated and printed. The JOIN Clinical group would regularly update its content in the future.

Together with the JOIN Board. From left to right:
Christian Velten-Jameson (JOIN Vice-Chairman), Dr Davide Laetzsch, Dr Ian Greaves, Joachim Berney, Richard Webber, Dr Sarah Vecchione, Dr Andreas Tanos, Mark Broughton (Board member), Prof Graziella Kainich, Dr Rainer Thell, Dr Paul Hunt, Imre Szabján, Johannes Bucher (JOIN Chairman), Eric von Troil (Board member), Alexandra Vetter.

The next face-to-face meeting will take place in October 2018 in Brussels. The meeting will focus on the finalisation of a first draft of the manual. The production of an app and a booklet (shorter version) will also be discussed.