JOIN Clinical working group finalises the draft of European First Aid manual

Vienna, Austria, 21. February 2019

From left to right: Dr Andreas Tanos (St John Cyprus), Dr Rainer Thell (Johanniter Austria), Chairman Dr Ian Greaves (St John Ambulance), Dr Paul Hunt (James Cook University Hospital), Joachim Berney (JOIN Office), Dr Davide Laetzsch (SOGIT) and Richard Webber (St John Ambulance) with Dr Judith Musallam on the computer (St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital)
Not in the picture: Dr Harvey Pynn (University Hospital Bristol)

Picture by Johanniter International

From 15 to 18 October, the Clinical Working Group of JOIN came together in Brussels to review the first draft of a European-wide First Aid manual. On Tuesday the group started with the review of their draft compiled during the las face-to-face meeting in June.

Delegates from Austria, Cyprus, England and Italy were present while our expert from Jerusalem joined the meeting via video call.

In four intensive reviewing sessions the eight representatives focused on finalising their first draft. JOIN medical doctors and two external experts discussed the content details and terminologies, so they can be translated into multiple languages and used all over Europe by St John enterprises.

This European-wide First Aid manual has the potential to enable quicker consensus among international medical JOIN members and ensure most effective, safe, and feasible first aid. After the final fine-tuning the manual will take the form of an open e-resource with the possibility to be downloaded and printed.