JOIN will participate in the European Project

Brussels, Belgium, 29. November 2018

Johanniter International worked together with the Austrian IT-oriented company Interspread GmbH and six other European organisations to draft the project “ - Raising awareness of cybersecurity in hospitals across Europe and boosting training initiatives driven by an online information hub”. This collaboration aims to aggregate the knowledge on cybersecurity in hospitals, raise awareness on risk and protection and develop high-quality trainings supported by e-approaches to minimise the risk of cyber-attacks against healthcare facilities.

In recent years, the healthcare network has become the most targeted sector by cybercrime globally, which makes secure digital solutions and Cybersecurity in Health and Care a vital necessity. Hackers are targeting patient health devices that are connected to the internet, stealing patient information for financial gains and are able to influence medical devices and entire healthcare networks.

To respond to these challenges, the project seeks to create a community of practice, supported by online approaches, to raise awareness of the threats and opportunities and boost the level and quality of training of IT staff in hospitals. Trough an online information hub the community will be able to overview and share knowledge and resources which will be analysed. The resulting findings aim to create high-quality trainings and custom-specific curricula. Training activities will be held in open online courses, local on-site workshops, webinars and in Summer Schools. Through blended approaches, the project will enhance the training in cybersecurity in Europe, improve the knowledge of staff and in turn contribute to decrease vulnerabilities against cyber threats and increase patient trust and safety.

The eight participating organisations will combine their broad geographical representation, conglomeration of skills and experience, technical developments, legal competence on data protection, cybersecurity and IT as well as in conducting trainings. directs to engage all stakeholders in the IT security in healthcare throughout Europe to improve preparedness and to find solutions against cyber threats to patient data.

The role of Johanniter International will be to collect information about European and international initiatives and stakeholders to build knowledge on their lessons learned. JOIN aims to involve as many of its member associations as possible in this collaboration for sound knowledge sharing in diverse settings and situations. The JOIN Office will engage its network of experts and trainers from the field to map and analyse needs and challenges in training for cybersecurity. Proceeding from the findings, JOIN will develop training schemes and an engagement strategy. In the final stage of the project, JOIN will lead the organisation of a “Cybersecurity in Hospitals Summer School” to train trainers and practitioners. The aggregated knowledge and derived training materials will then be accessible on the online information hub and could be tailored to be applied where needed.

The overall project will start on 1 December 2018 and run for twenty-six months. will be funded by the European Commission under the programme “HORIZON 2020”, the most significant EU Research and Innovation initiative. Specifically, the project responds to the EU’s call for ‘Trusted digital solutions and Cybersecurity in Health and Care’. This aims at multidisciplinary technologies and solutions in health and care with a focus on cybersecurity. The call will contribute to the Focus Areas on 'Digitising and transforming European industry and services' and 'Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union'.