Johanniter Nederland celebrates the Volunteer Day in the former Dutch Royal Palace

Soestdijk, the Netherlands, 28. May 2018

All pictures by Johanniter Nederland 

On Saturday 26 May, more than 300 Johanniter volunteers attended the annual Volunteer Day in the former royal Soestdijk Palace (province of Utrecht). It was a radiant day in every way. Even though the trip took some longer than planned due to problems with public transport and on the road, the party was worth the trip.



Every participants received a knapsack made with a Johanniter towel, together with lunch and food vouchers for the cafe in the Orangery. A new tour of the Palace started every ten minutes. Before and after, people could walk through the beautiful gardens, have a drink at the Orangery and have fun together.


The second part of the afternoon was held in the nearby 'Emmakerk' (Church of Emma). An excellent tea was offered there. Each volunteer received a bag of lathyrus seed, the favorite flowers of Queen Juliana.