Watch a television report on Johanniter Austria

Brussels, Belgium, 03. May 2018

Johanniter Austria received a positive media coverage in France and Belgium. The television program called 'Europe Hebdo' made a report on compulsory military service in Austria. Providing that 40% of the young Austrians choose to fulfill a civilian service in the social sector, Johanniter Austria is shown as one of the possible medical and welfare hosting institution. Watch the television program in French on the following link (minutes 14:15 to 19:40 on Johanniter).

'Europe Hebdo' is weekly recorded at the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg and is dealing with topics related to European politics. The program is broadcasted on ‘LCP’ (French National Assembly channel), ‘Public Sénat’ (French political and parliamentary channel) and ‘La Trois’ (Belgian French-speaking channel).