St John ophthalmologist attends the European Retinal Disease Consortium conference

Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 09. February 2018

Dr Al Talbishi, a genetic research doctor of the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, became the first Palestinian ophthalmologist to attend the European Retinal Disease Consortium (ERDC) conference. The event was held for the first time in Les Diablerets, Switzerland.

All pictures by St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group

ERDC was initiated in 2008 to encourage global collaborations in the field of inherited retinal diseases (IRDs). The members meet twice a year to exchange genetic and clinical data of persons with IRDs. This collaboration has resulted in many joint papers to date, and will hopefully include some of Dr Al Talbishi’s work in the coming months.

By collaborating together on retinal disease, these top experts have a better chance at discovering better ways to diagnose and treat genetic illnesses. Dr Al Talbishi gave a presentation on his work so far on his project, which has seen over 180 Palestinian families recruited to the project.

Dr Al Talbishi is the lead researcher of the ‘Peace for Sight’ genetic research project. This project has been made possible through funding from the EU’s Peacebuilding Initiative and the partnership of St John Eye Hospital with Johanniter Germany and the Hadassah Medical Center in Israel.

Dr Al Talbishi shared his thoughts on his experience in Les Diablerets:

“The meeting was very important to get exposed to the work other researchers all over the world are doing and also to introduce myself & St John research group to them. It was an important networking opportunity for potential future collaboration or joint projects. It was nice to see Les Diablerets which looked beautiful in the snow. Thanks to all for inviting me and supporting me to join this highly beneficial group, I look forward sharing knowledge together.”