St John's Day celebrations

London, England, 09. July 2018

On Saturday 23 June, the family of the Venerable Order of St John came together to celebrate the work of the volunteers and staff, rededicate its service and commemorate those who have gone.  

Pictures by St John Ambulance England and The Islands

The General Assembly saw addresses by the Lord Mayor, the Prior, the Chief Executive, the Lead Trustee for Finance and the Chief Volunteer. The Priory’s 2017 Report and Accounts were also published.

In the afternoon, the focus moved to St Paul’s Cathedral for the Service of Commemoration and Rededication. The Reverend Dr David Coulter, Chaplain-General to HM Land Forces, County St John Chaplain for Wiltshire, gave the Sermon.

The Reverend Dr David Coulter

On the centenary of the First World War, the Roll of Honour dedicated to those who had lost their lives in service was processed and presented to the Priory Dean. The Banners were lowered in salute as all present silently remembered the 1,077 fallen St John volunteers.

After the Service, the Lord Mayor, the Prior and the Chief Executive met with volunteers in Paternoster square.