EUinAid Kick-off Meeting in Turin

Vienna, Austria, 29. January 2019

Picture by S.O.G.IT.

From 28 to 29 January, the consortium held its initial face- to-face meeting on the EUinAid project in Turin. The Italian JOIN member S.O.G.IT. welcomed all partner associations to their headquarters for two days devoted to agenda settings and workshops to map first aid systems in Europe and find best practices.

The first day started with an introduction of the consortium partners and staff members and an overview of the project. A presentation of the transnational approach on First Aid was given by S.O.G.IT.

After a group decision on the project logo that JOIN had prepared, JOIN shared the communication and dissemination strategy and the consortium agreed on appropriate dissemination tools and material. The three JOIN members from Austria, Hungary and Italy discussed and compared their local approached on First Aid and training offers. This was followed by the partner from Brazil -MPV- sharing their experience with First Aid in Central Brazil and elaborating on the daily challenges they face in this field. The day ended with a report on the financial aspects and structure of the project.

On the same table: the consortium members from S.O.G.IT., MPV, DOREA, Johanniter Hungary, Johanniter Austria and JOIN

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to work sessions in which the partners map and analyse First Aid systems in Europe and Brazil. Johanniter Austria was identified as a strong partner that established good practices in First Aid provision and training. Upon the First Aid Training delivered in Austria, the consortium derived additional criteria for the mapping landscape.


The Kick-off meeting facilitated the teamwork among the consortium members, established new links and opened possibilities especially between MPV in Brazil and Johanniter Austria. This meeting will be followed by regular conference calls every other month to ensure progress and the development of a sensitizing campaign on the importance on prevention for disadvantaged adolescents.