JOIN at the final conference of the BICAS project

Leipzig, Germany, 29. August 2019

The consortium of the BICAS project in Leipzig.

On Friday, 29 August, the final meeting of the BICAS project took place in Leipzig.

BICAS is a project about intercultural communication and competencies for paramedics and ambulance staff. It was coordinated by the German Johanniter Akademie Bildungsinstitut Mitteldeutschland and with the participation of Johanniter Austria as well as many more partners. The collaboration of the consortium of BICAS condensed three years of intensive work in an application, an eLearning course and a handbook for the integration of the course modules in regular training and education of paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

Johanniter International is proud to have supported the project with translations of the content for the final application thanks to the involvement of its member organisations. This smartphone-app is now available for free to support quick and efficient communication between paramedics and patients from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds in emergency situations.

Georg Aumayr, Head of Research for JOIN, was attending the meeting to get an impression about the final status of the application and the course material.

The education material is available in German, English, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

With the developed app it is now possible to communicate in German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, French, Farsi and Arabic.

Congratulations to the BICAS-Team!

You can find all details and project outcomes at the BICAS website:

The App is available for Android and IOS.