JOIN Clinical working group finalises draft of European First Aid manual

Vienna, Austria, 21. February 2019

From left to right: Joachim Berney (JOIN Office), Dr Andreas Tanos (St John Cyprus), Dr Davide Laetzsch (SOGIT Italy), Dr Henrik Antell (Johanniter Finland), Dr Sarah Vecchione (SOGIT Italy), Chairman Dr Ian Greaves (St John Ambulance England and The Islands) and Dr Rainer Thell (Johanniter Austria).
Not in the picture: Dr Jörg Oberfeld (Johanniter Germany), Judith Musallam (St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group) and Dr Harvey Pynn (University Hospital Bristol).

Pictures by Christina Stark

From 19 to 21 February, the JOIN Clinical working group met in Vienna to finalise the drafting of a European-wide First Aid manual. Delegates from Austria, Cyprus, England, Finland, Germany and Italy came together in the Austrian capital while our expert from Jerusalem attended the meeting via video call.

During the first two days, the group reviewed the content of the draft that has been compiled, discussed and refined for the last nine months. As a result, JOIN medical doctors found an agreement on the full package. 

From left to right: Chairman Dr Ian Greaves (England), Dr Jörg Oberfeld (Germany), Dr Sarah Vecchione (Italy), Dr Davide Laetzsch (Italy), Joachim Berney (JOIN Office) and Dr Andreas Tanos (Cyprus).
Not in the picture: Dr Henrik Antell (Finland), Dr Rainer Thell (Austria), Judith Musallam (Jerusalem) and Dr Harvey Pynn (University Hospital Bristol).

During the third day, the group reviewed again the draft, making further detailed amendments. Furthermore, the JOIN Office shortly presented the European SecureHospitals project and indicated ways of possibly involving St John hospitals.

The next meeting of the Clinical working group will be held in Zurich on 9-10 May, just before the JOIN AGM 2019.