JOIN Clinical working group finalises very first European First Aid Guidelines

Zurich, Switzerland, 10. May 2019

From 08 to 10 May, the JOIN Clinical working group met in Zurich to finalise the drafting of European-wide First Aid Guidelines. Delegates from Austria, Cyprus, England and Italy came together in the largest Swiss city while our experts from Finland and Jerusalem attended the meeting via video call.

From left to right: Dr Davide Laetzsch (Italy), Dr Andreas Tanos (Cyprus), Dr Paul Hunt (United Kingdom), Dr Rainer Thell (Austria), Dr Ian Greaves (England), Dr Owen Williams (United Kingdom) and Dr Sarah Vecchione (Italy).
Not in the picture: Dr Henrik Antell (Finland) and Mrs Judith Musallam (Jerusalem).

During the three-day meeting, the group reviewed the content of the draft that has been developed and agreed on so far. Each sentence of each section was further discussed, amended and finetuned. Finally, a common agreement was found on the very final content. This constitutes a major achievement as it is the very first time that First Aid Standards are successfully drafted at European level.


The Guidelines are expected to be translated in a dozen of languages as a next step. High-quality photographs also need to be done. It is planed to make the First Aid Guidelines freely available to the public by the end of the year 2019.