consortium meets in Ancona

Ancona, Italy, 12. June 2019


From 11 to 12 June, the consortium of the project held its second face-to-face meeting in Ancona.

The team of the Italian social service organisation COOSS Marche welcomed eleven participants from all 7 partners for two days dedicated to updating, workshops on knowledge collection, categorisation and training creation to improve cybersecurity in the health sector.

The first day started with an overview of the first work package and reporting on the progress of the project by the coordinator. The collection and assessment of European-wide training programmes on cybersecurity in hospitals were presented. This collection assists the identification of gaps and regional discrepancies and will enable the creation of training that can be tailored to the target audiences’ specific needs. JOIN presented the existing European projects, initiatives and stakeholders in the field that are relevant to to build knowledge on their learned lessons. This collection aims at information exchange with other actors and to build synergies with their work. This was followed by presentations of the state-of-the-art ICT approaches to cybersecurity training and potential tools for stakeholders in hospitals. The Open Awareness and Information Hub was discussed based on the initial feedback and is planned to be launched in August.

The consortium discussed how to best promote strong synergies with other relevant EU projects and planned the baseline report, which will structure all collected knowledge and sources for trainers and practitioners. In addition, the strategy for dissemination, communication and mobilisation was discussed and framed further.

Day 2 of the meeting was dedicated to working sessions in which all partners began working on the upcoming tasks in the next 4 project months. The first coding and categorisations of the ongoing trainer and practitioner interviews were presented and discussed. The consortium defined the criteria and target focus for the novel training curricula on cybersecurity in hospitals topics and started formulating minimum quality standards for training material. JOIN led the discussion on the second iteration of the Training strategy including the 4 main training mediums: The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), the local workshops, webinars and the Cybersecurity in Hospitals Summer School in Brussels.

The second in-person meeting accelerated the cooperation among the consortium, which is consistently followed by conference calls every two weeks. The third face-to-face meeting of the consortium is planned to take place in Rotterdam in October.