The JOIN Board meets online

Online, 25. March 2020

Originally planned in Brussels, the meeting of the Board eventually took place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants were JOIN Chairman Johannes Bucher (Johanniter Austria), JOIN Vice-Chairman Christian Velten-Jameson (Association des Œuvres de Saint-Jean), Mark Broughton (St John Ambulance England and The Islands), Hubertus von Puttkamer (Johanniter Germany) and Lidwien van der Reep (Johanniter Nederland).

The organisation of the JOIN Annual General Meeting (AGM), planned this May in Cyprus, was the first topic to be discussed. Because of the coronavirus outbreak affecting every single country in Europe, it was considered either to postpone it to late 2020 or to arrange it as an online meeting. JOIN member organisations will be kept informed in a timely manner. The meeting proceeded with comprehensive financial information by our Vice-Chairman. The JOIN Office gave feedback on the working groups’ activities, including the update of the JOIN European First Aid Guidelines in a number of languages. The latest communication materials developed, already shown during the meeting of the PR, Marketing & Communication group in Copenhagen, was also reviewed.

Concerning the Volunteer Swap, 121 St John volunteers already applied in the program this year. Unfortunately, the coming events are expected to be cancelled or postponed, given the current situation on COVID-19. St John volunteers are invited to visit the Volunteer Swap website, which is regularly updated.

Finally, an update was provided on the implementation of the European projects SecureHospitals, EUinAid and iProcureSecurity.

The JOIN Board at their previous meeting in Brussels

Picture by Johanniter International