Johanniter Germany to strengthen resiliency in coastal slum communities in the Philippines

Davao City, the Philipinnes, 08. December 2016

All pictures by Johanniter International Assistance

With 1.63 million inhabitants, Davao is the biggest city of the Mindanao Island. Like many big cities, it has slum areas: houses built of cheap material, no sanitation facilities, no water or power supply. The houses will not stand flooding caused by heavy rains or typhoons. Using candles and kerosene lamps leads to fire with devastating consequences due to extremely narrow lanes.

Johanniter International Assistance and its partner organisation Tambayan has developed a project aiming the construction of four sanitation facilities. Some people elected by the communities will be trained on sanitation, electricity and disaster resistant construction in order to maintain the sanitation facilities and support their community members for construction or renovation of their homes. Information campaigns are planned for the households about how to react to a disaster and how to avoid fire using so called ‘liter lights’ or solar panels. An Early Warning System will also be established. A plastic recycle machine addresses the waste problem and generates income for 240 families. Additionally, there will be several capacity building measures for the population. 33,015 persons will benefit from this three-year project which is mostly funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Follow this link (in German) to get more information on Johanniter International Assistance activities in the Philippines.