JOIN participates in the panel discussion of the European Summit on Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing

Brussels, Belgium, 06. December 2016

On 6 December 2016, JOIN Research officer Georg Aumayr spoke as a panellist at the discussion about ‘Removing barriers to scalable markets’ at the European Summit on Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing of the EU Commission in Brussels. The event built on the achievements on the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy ageing (EIP AHA), Horizon 2020 and the Active and Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL). It intends to mobilise the relevant stakeholders around a common vision for scaling up innovation in Health and Active Ageing, targeting in particular high growth-potential areas such as ICT supported independent living and age-friendly smart homes, social robotics, digitally supported integrated health and social care services will be targeted. 

Georg Aumayr third from left

A picture by Johanniter International 

Georg Aumayr was invited to share experiences from his work for our Austrian Member and his vision on possibilities how to make healthcare across boarders more interoperable and how to approach problems hindering the cooperation among stakeholders delivering care to aging population. He presented Johanniter as a care organisation with the oldest tradition in the Europe which is until today actively delivering care not only by its professional taskforce but as well in the close cooperation with volunteers. Having this in mind Mr Aumayr suggested as one of the possible solutions to overcoming barriers on the market of care for aging population leveraging of the value of volunteers. He spoke strongly in favour of standardisation as a possible enabler of better interoperability of system in healthcare. In his view, standards should be used and fed into the development phase of the new care technologies from the very beginning. 

About 2000 participants from all over the world were expected to come to the Summit to discuss profound success of various projects and emerging challenges of delivery of care to aging population. This was an outstanding opportunity to bring activities of Johanniter to the attention of a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Thanks to our colleague Georg Aumayr we proved that Johanniter is not only a care organisation with the oldest tradition in the Europe but as well with an ample potential to bring innovation into the fast-moving care sector.