St John Ambulance showcases delivery of first aid at football matches

Middlesbrough, England, 01. December 2016

All pictures by St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance (SJA) coordinates and delivers first aid for 96 professional football clubs across the country, taking care of hundreds of thousands of football fans during matches. On Thursday 1 December, the national fundraising team of our English JOIN member teamed up with regional employees, volunteers and the Middlesbrough Football Club to showcase the delivery of first aid at a typical Premier League match. This event was open to everyone at SJA - employees, volunteers and supporters - to understand and get a taste of SJA’s relationship with football clubs.

There were two sessions of the event, one in the afternoon and a repeat session in the evening. Guests had the opportunity to meet the people who work and volunteer for SJA, learning about each other, why they had come to the event, and sharing inspiring stories.

Similarly to the event at Aston Villa Football Club which was held earlier this year, diverse groups of people came to the event. Many Cadets came with their parents and grandparents, including William Bulmer, a young man in a wheelchair who was familiar with SJA and Middlesbrough FC, taking his place in the stadium for the last 14 years.

Follow this link to get more information on St John Ambulance first aid activities for professional football clubs.